We are Fluid Bodies

Our bodies are composed of 75% water, similar to the makeup of the earth surface – 70% water 30% land. We are used to experiencing our body as a solid structure made out of separate parts, divided into systems. But when you take a look at the cellular world it becomes obvious that we really are a continuous motion of fluids within a dynamic structure. To maintain our fluid state means inviting maximum health into our lives.

But how do we become unwell and rigid? In time, unresolved traumas manifest as specific fulcrums of inertia within the body. They are protection mechanisms designed to contain the trauma to as narrow location as possible. In effect, the fluid fluctuations within the body gets disturbed and some fragmentation or even dissociation may occur. All this can manifest beyond the physical level as our body is interconnected with the mind, emotions and finally, the spirit.

Ways to reconnect with your Fluid Body:

  • The most important step is to simply recognize it. In my BCS practice I repeatedly observe how bringing attention to the body as a whole can immediately change its expression from solid to fluid. The more you abide in the liquid state, the more health you will experience. Find time for yourself each day and allow any natural expressions that want to transpire. If you live near a natural body of water, observe it and see if you can find similar qualities within yourself.
  • Be like water, practice fluidity of your perception. The pressures of living in a fast paced society made us forget who we truly are. We have become adept at overriding our bodies’ natural impulses and inflexible in how we think and how we perceive the world. Have you ever seen water attaching itself to anything? What do you really know for sure? What are you holding on to? Is there anything you wish you could let go of? When you begin to let go of rigid beliefs and attachments the sense of expansiveness and well-being will begin to abide within you.
  • Look for resonance with other people. They are also fluid beings. An emphatic connection with another human may bring a sense of aliveness and compassion will fill your heart. Fluid bodies love feeling connected.

    (Inspired by “Body Intelligence Meditation” by Ged Sumner

With love,