Services & Pricing

My Services & Pricing

I am a certified Biodynamic Craniosacral therapist and see clients for sessions at my SW Calgary office.
$50 CAD – first and second (1h) session (each)
$100 CAD – followup (1h) sessions

I do most of my facilitations over Skype. Sometimes a need arises for a facilitation during the body work, in which case it’s covered under the Bodywork hourly fee. For stand-alone facilitations the pricing is as follows:
$90 USD – 60-90 min session
$160 USD – two 60-90 min sessions (if purchased together)
$210 USD – three 60-90 min sessions (if purchased together)I’d like to suggest that you purchase one session first to get a feel for the work.

CP coaching is a service I offer to parents experiencing emotional difficulties with raising their children. The work will always focus on exploring your perceptions, patterns and maybe even possible karmic blocks, if you are up to it. It can be an in depth and surprising journey that will bring your own blockages to the surface. Once they reach the awareness and the lessons are learned, the perception of issues usually gets resolved creating more harmony and empowerment in your daily life.

The pricing is the same as for Life Coaching.

There are many talented individuals in the holistic modalities who experience a variety of difficulties preventing them from launching their own thriving businesses. I have 17 years experience in running all aspects of small business and feel the calling to use it to support individuals bringing their talents to light in the following ways:

Business idea exploration session – we will explore your talents and ways to best put them to work, possible limiting self-beliefs that have been preventing you from stepping forward, as well as blockages (fear of rejection, fear of judgement, self-sabotage, etc.)

Finding your unique voice – we will explore the best ways for you to share about your services – I will coach you to find your unique communication style, aligned with your energy and purpose. We might explore blog and newsletter writing and together create your first few posts!

The pricing for the above is the same as for Life Coaching.

If you require support in more technical areas of your business, I am available to support you with the following:

$300 USD – website concept, design and setup (you supply the text)
$180 USD – website text editing and some writing
$180 USD – newsletter set-up and some text editing
$180 USD – accounting set up (with or without accounting software)