My Story


My Story

Several years ago I was an ambitious and adventurous entrepreneur with an established consulting business and many staples of success. And yet, deep down I wasn’t happy. Something was missing. I had a sense of frustrating incompleteness that couldn’t be satisfied with another trip or another successful project. My problem was that I was looking for that fulfillment through external sources but wasn’t addressing my own self-sabotage patterns. Also, my definition of success was nothing but an artifact of societal conditioning.

I’ve been on a journey of self-discovery for most of my life. I’ve long had the intuition that there is more to reality than meets the eye. Throughout my teens and early twenties I kept looking for deeper truths. My thirties were filled with being a mother to three babies. I really was but a dabbler until a deep awakening experience in Glastonbury, England, a few years back. I finally found the sense of absolute completeness I craved so much.

I also realized that if I were to keep it, my life needed to be rearranged and, more importantly, my inner world. The Glastonbury experience provided the blueprint for how I wanted to be; I needed to find the process to maintain that expanded sense of being.

I made the decision to quit the corporate world and began to study philosophy, soak up the Natural Law, and practice daily meditation. The focus was to explore anything that could help me let go of societal conditioning and get me aligned with my true purpose. I travelled four continents to study with key teachers in various modalities such as biodynamic craniosacral therapy, medical intuition, IB Breakthrough, self-sabotage coaching, embodiment, and spiritual facilitation.

Since 2015 I’ve helped transform the lives of many people who were determined to let go of what was not serving them and possessed the courage to dive into a fulfilling life. Yes, it does require courage. I teach people how to liberate themselves form erroneous beliefs and destructive patterns.

My mission is to show you how to be finally free, how to heal and to let go of the baggage you’ve been carrying for so long. ALL it requires from you is a decision and a commitment. I will show you how to take any pain or discomfort and use it as a mean to beautiful healing. You can experience being complete and discover that there is nothing wrong with you, that there never was.

I’m still transforming, still healing, and discovering new levels of joy and love. The only difference between now and before is that I’m feeling complete. This journey can be yours as well.

“Life-changing coaching session”

I can’t even express my gratitude for the life-changing session I had with Margaret.  She immediately connected with me and understood what I was going through and what was happening in my field.  With much empathy and support she held the space and guided me through the process i was ready to go through. Words cant do justice to how it has Changed the way I will be experiencing life from now on.  She stayed with me more than it was required and made sure i would be safe before our session ended.  She helped me process, express and release so much tightness, suppression, fear. 

Thank you Margaret, I am just very very grateful for you being there. 

Vaso, Cyprus May 2020

Learn to use meditation to transform your life

It’s not hard at all! When practiced consciously the proper meditation will reconnect you with your innate wisdom, dislodge outdated patterns and beliefs, and shift your entire outlook on life.

Meditation doesn’t have to feel like a chore, like one more thing to check off your to-do list. It can lighten your sense of being and become your source of peace and health, so you crave it naturally.
I’m currently creating a variety of guided meditations to help you slide smoothly into a daily practice, create a lasting connection with your body, and release yourself from erroneous beliefs, such as guilt.