Freedom From Self-Sabotage

Freedom from Self-Sabotage

Self-sabotage is simply putting a subconscious effort to stay exactly the same.

This program was created to generate a powerful experiential learning for you and to equip you with a system you can apply to all areas of your life. We will examine what brought you to where you are at, what are the origins of your current belief system and begin to release the old energy and reprogram your mind for something better. Changing your beliefs can be easy if you understand the subtle language of your subconscious mind.

Margaret Keays – Program Author
Founder of Conscious Learning
and Refinery Inc.


  • Four personal Zoom sessions (60 min each).
  • Unlimited email access to Margaret for the duration of this course.
  • A detailed workbook to discover what subconscious patterns are holding you back.
  • Videos, experiential exercises, meditations and hypnotherapy tracks.
  • Practical solutions on how to deal with various aspects of your transformation.
  • Tools to create and uphold your new vision.


  • # 1 reason your subconscious mind is holding you back.
  • What are your personal self-sabotage mechanisms and their sources.
  • Why are you sabotaging your growth, your relationships and wellbeing.
  • How to shift out of your particular childhood adaptations that are running your life.
  • Exactly what elements in your environment are undermining your efforts.
  • How your personal story shaped your internal dialogue.
  • What is it that your true self really yearns.
  • How to turn any event into a propelling opportunity.
  • How to set up the framework for the life you truly want.

I’ve discounted the price for this program until January 21, 2021.


NORMALLY $490 (US dollars)

1 payment of $390 US Dollars, or

3 payments of $130 US Dollars

Payment methods:
Bitcoin via personal wallet (please contact Margaret for details)

Kelly, Australia

I’m so grateful that I came across Margaret and her work. I am fortunate enough to have participated in one of Margaret’s courses. Margaret is strong, clear and compassionate in her teachings. She has allowed me to see every issue coming to the surface as an opportunity to grow and learn.

She has helped me to rewrite my brain to reflect ‘there’s nothing wrong” only an opportunity. Margaret helped me to identify the limiting beliefs from childhood, the sessions were so powerful and often very emotional. Seeing where the pattern came from has allowed me to choose to let those go. Since doing the work with Margaret I have up leveled my life. I’m now surrounded by an amazing tribe who also help me to continue growing and achieving all that I can.

Thank you Margaret, I’m so grateful.

Tracy, California

WOW! I am completely different person from before I met Margaret! I came to her from a really bad place. I was a financial basket case, to the point where I was literally paralyzed by the thought of looking at my finances. Physically, I was out of shape and out of any hope of making things better. My state of mind had really strained my relationship with my daughter, which felt like an endless string of one fight after another. Honestly, I had reached a point where I felt myself banging against a wall that laughed right at my face.

How the Universe led me to find Margaret’s course is still a mystery to me. But what a wonderful treasure I found! Within just the first week, I began to feel different, to think differently. I eventually saw how I’ve been self-defeating for so many years! My perception shifted so much that I am not only facing my finances without trepidation, but am planning to start my own business! I’m not drawn to unhealthy food, and if I am, I know why and I have a way to not go there! Margaret’s greatest skill was that she was not in telling me what to do but guided me on my own path of self-redemption <3

Neha, Australia

I was communicating with Margaret through her conscious parenting facebook community page from sometime. I found her posts very meaningful and “real”. I resonated with her thought process and her wisdom about life and relationships. So, I enrolled myself in Overcoming Financial self sabotage course. Margaret has such a calm disposition that I instantly connected with her from our first meeting. It was so easy and healing to talk to her about the situations that I was facing and was wanting to resolve. Margaret is full of wisdom, compassion, knowledge and connection.

The course is very well structured and empowers you with so much knowledge and tools to work through your individual barriers. Margaret is extremely professional. She provides you consistent support in your journey of self discovery and abundance. I have experienced major shifts in my relationship with self and finances. Anyone looking at transforming their lives, I would highly recommend Margaret Keays. She is simply amazing at what she does.