Freedom from Self-Sabotage

Your self-defeating patterns seem like a mystery until you understand how your subconscious mind is pulling your strings. This program is a very powerful transformation catalyst because it deals directly with the source – your subconscious. What you believe is what you think is what you feel is what you do. We will be shifting your patterns on the belief level, which in the past yielded amazing results in the areas of financial freedom, addictions, fear of empowerment and relationships.

Dismantling Your Triggers

When we’re triggered and feel out of control, we focus on our environment so we don’t have to feel the discomfort. It’s a cycle that tends to get tighter as the time goes by. To step out of the cycle and find freedom, we need to take a closer look at the mechanisms behind our triggers. In this course you’ll experience several revelations as, together, we will uncover what is behind your reactions. Heal wounds, release resentments and feel peace regardless of what is happening in your environment.

Making That Leap

You are facing a significant life choice, but are unsure which way to go. You might feel paralyzed by the fear of making the “wrong” decision, hurting others, being unable to see all aspects of the story, and yet, you KNOW something has to change. This program will give you the inspiration and practical tools you need to come out of your mental chaos and find the clarity. The program is designed to shift your perception so that you can make the decision with conviction and assured calmness.