Two years ago I had an idea to create an online community that would be a safe space for deeper explorations. A space without promotion or self-serving agendas where people simply come together to share their perspectives and stories.

At the moment the group has over 5,000 members and 80% viewership. The bits of insight that emerge daily from our conversations often make me wonder: if people only knew how much inner wisdom they possessed would they still be looking for answers from various authority figures? Although the group includes authors, councilors, writers and coaches, everyone is treated as an equal.

At the request of some members I recently added a private group for more personal exchanges. Since all good things come in threes I also created a more general, contemplative space for deeper perception explorations.

Parenting Public Group

A platform for parents who wish to stimulate their self-growth so they can further empower their children – a group rich in engaging discussions.
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Liberated Mind
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A brand new space de-pretzel your mind and provide deeper inspiration, invitation to contemplation, and societal de-programming.
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