A Beautiful Concept of the Breath of Life

Imagine a flute. That flute represents you.

As the breath passes through the instrument it generates a sound that is unique to you. Is it harmonious and clear or do you hear some discord and irregularities in your expression? Perhaps you’ve already mastered the lower tones and wish to move to the higher scales? 

The first step is to orient inwards and listen. What do you hear? The second step is to get to know your instrument and find the obstacles that prevent you from playing the available range. You may need to learn to settle deeper into an embodied presence (heal the body), and/or release the trauma and emotional self-sabotage (emotional healing), and/or learn your karmic lessons (heal the soul).

The Breath of Life is a pure energy that animates us. It is up to each one of us to master the instrument we’ve been given.

The Breath of Life is a universal concept that predates ancient Egypt. It permeated most spiritual traditions and appears in many cultures under different names. Its most recognized visual representation is the Egyptian Ankh (also known as the Key of Life).