Margaret’s Bodywork

I practice Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy – the latest offshoot of Osteopathy. I interact with the client’s physiology without any direct tissue manipulation. My touch engages the body’s innate self-healing capabilities and triggers realignments. The effects may range from a state of relaxation to rapid healing of chronic conditions. The long term effects, as observed by my clients, is greater body awareness (embodiment) and ability to self-heal or self adjust. I’m especially interested in working with people experiencing so called chronic or terminal conditions and enjoy engaging with clients interested in improving the expression of their health.


  • 2-year Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy Certification course under the direction of Ged Sumner
  • BodyTalk Level 1 & 2, Breakthrough, Mindscape certifications
  • 1 Medical Intuitive workshop with Caroline Myss
  • 2 Stillness Touch workshops with Charles Ridley
  • 4 Radical Wholeness workshops with Philip Shepherd
  • Reiki Level 1 and 2 attunement (I don’t practice Reiki, however I’m using its underlying energetics principles in my work)
  • Openhand Facilitation Certification

 Typical Session

I conduct the BCS sessions in my treatment room in Calgary.

  • Before the treatment I will ask you about your general health history and your current well-being.
  • We will chat about your session expectations and I will answer any questions you may have.
  • A session is conducted on a massage table and the Client remains fully clothed.
  • In the biodynamic approach (as opposed to biomechanical) we do not use any force or tissue manipulation.
  • My touch will be light and neutral. Even though there is no tissue manipulation you may feel sensations such as  heat, pulling, tingling, emotional release, etc. These shifts are generated by your body and are always an indication of reconnecting with one’s health.
  • The body usually gains a healing momentum during a BCS treatment and it usually takes up to 3 days to integrate the physical and emotional shifts. During this time it is good to be gentle with oneself and drink plenty of water.

The number of treatments you will need depends on the nature of your healing process. I will discuss this with you and we will decide on the best plan for your current circumstance. Usually, as your body responds there is less need for frequent sessions, however monthly “maintenance” sessions are recommended.

Is BCST a type of “Energy Work”?
All bodywork is energy work, since human interactions, especially touch involve energy by engaging the biological electromagnetic field. Every tissue in our bodies emanates this bio-electric field. We respond to each other energetically, whether we are aware of it or not. BCS is based on the interaction with the physical aspects of your body, although it includes attention to the non-physical and energetic dimensions of your being. I do not purposely channel energy, neither do I practice bio-energetic-therapy. My consciousness is of a specific vibration and you may experience shifts as a reaction to that during a session.


  1. Peter M.

    I would like to thank Margaret for the excellent treatment I received from her. After the session I felt incredibly relaxed and my long-term knee problem got considerably better. Due to my job as a sports and aikido teacher I am facing strong physical strain and have therefore a lot of experience with alternative treatments such as osteopathy, etc. I can definately recomment Margaret´s way of treatment!

    Peter M., Duisburg, Germany

  2. GoFlames

    A year ago, I started seeing a chiropractor about a persistent ache in my hip that seemed to be related to a nerve. I also added physiotherapy to the mix, since the chiropractor’s sessions did not seem to make much progress. In truth, I came to Margaret out of desperation, on the advice of someone who experienced her treatments. It took me two sessions to discover that the root of the problem might have actually been in the left shoulder (an old football injury from my college days)! During one of the sessions I felt my shoulder joint move on its own and fall into place without Margaret even touching it. Since then, my hip feels much better.

    Margaret’s approach is quite different from the other health professionals that I have consulted. Every session has been extremely relaxing (I was always anxious elsewhere). It’s like being in this bubble of safe consciousness where I actually forgot to feel any discomfort. She speaks few words, preferring to let the touch be the main communication. After five sessions, I have been able to play hockey for the first time in many months. I don’t quite understand why my body feels more coordinated and balanced, but whatever it is that you do, Margaret, keep doing it! And thank you for freedom to feel.
    M.G., Calgary

  3. Julianhobson

    Margaret provides a peaceful, loving, safe environment and atmosphere when she practices her healing. She made me feel at home with myself and it was very enjoyable spending my time with her. She created a powerful healing experience in my knee which I felt the effects of for several days following her treatment. I hope to see her again and maintain our connection we have found. Open your heart to her healing and you will receive more light than you expected.

    Yours Truly
    Julian Hobson

  4. corinne

    Margaret is a caring, gentle and professional individual who has helped me deal with and release some chronic issues I’ve had for many years. The whole experience is very relaxing and I come away feeling energized and peaceful. A session with Margaret is a wonderful way to get rid of stress, balance the body and release emotions. I wholeheartedly recommend Margaret to those dealing with physical pain, emotional baggage and stress.

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