Intuitive Coaching

Intuitive Coaching

Are you ready to rewrite your story and find a new momentum?

What exactly is Intuitive Coaching?

Intuitive coaching is what I do naturally. You can look at it as a fusion of my coaching, spiritual and osteopathic training with my intuitive nature. When combined with your openness to change, it has the potential to create deep shifts in your life. Think of that knowledge and experience as a map for your journey, and my intuition as an accelerator of your progress. I've got different ways for you to engage depending on how you like to grow.
Have you reached the point where something has to change but you are unsure how to do it? Work with me. I'll help you soften the guilt and fatigue. Once you feel lighter we will begin to move you towards dismantling the old patterns, and towards new possibilities.
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My programs are designed to generate a verifiable shift in your life, through changes of your awareness and your relationship with reality. You will be the driver of this shift, while being supported through my ongoing guidance along your journey.
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Join thousands of others in my Conscious Living Community on Facebook. It features daily posts and members interactions. It is an advertisement-free zone and a safe space where wholehearted discussions are encouraged and met with understanding.
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About me

Hi, I’m Margaret!
I am a life coach and a mentor. I’ve been an entrepreneur and a management consultant for most of my adult life. I often facilitated shifts in people without really knowing how I did it. Several years ago, when I fully realized the power of my intuition I decided to learn about ways to help people. I then pursued extensive training with the world-renowned teachers in self-sabotage, craniosacral therapy, medical intuition, and spiritual facilitation. I have integrated these distinctive modalities into a unique, powerful transformative coaching approach. I help people like you, who yearn to break free from self-destructive patterns, to emotionally reconnect with themselves, and to step into new, amazing possibilities. Are you ready for that incredible shift?

What Clients are saying


“I had 4 coaching sessions with Margaret. She never once told me what to think or judged what I was feeling. I was able to break through a major self-destructive pattern and that changed so many things in my life! Margaret led me to create my own safe space inside myself and I’ll always be grateful for that.”

R.G. (US)


“For some time now, I’ve been having regular Skype sessions with Margaret. She is genuine, honest and caring. She accepts me where I’m at, which helps me accept myself. I feel that most of my healing occurred from the ease that Margaret created during our talks. I am grateful for the support, encouragement and guidance you offer!”

J.M. (Australia)


“Margaret has an incredible mix of empathic & catalytic skills. She held a strong space for me during a painful emotional release – an emotion that I repressed for so many years to be finally expressed and released. It’s amazing what I felt at the core of my being during the days that followed! I will never forget that.”

J.B. (Belgium)

I know… the hardest part is to reach out. I’ve got you from there.

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